Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis is a relatively new focus in addiction recovery.  Until the 1990s the care provided to patients with addictions and mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, delusions, or mood swings, were treated in a disjointed manner.  Mental health disorders were treated in one facility or by one provider; addictions were treated by addiction specialists.  When there was an overlap in these diseases, patients were often denied treatment for the mental illness until they became sober.  Because addictions are often driven by an underlying psychiatric disorder, patients were often denied the care necessary for full recovery from both mental illness and addictions.

Dual Diagnosis recovery combines the most successful components of mental health care and addiction treatment.  Clinicians no longer draw hard lines between psychiatry and addiction.

Generations Behavioral Health offers individualized care designed to address the mental, physical, and spiritual components of addictive disorders by integrating proven treatment models with 12-step and other self-help resources on the 20-bed Dual Diagnosis unit.  The program combines individual therapies, small group treatment, along with health education that takes a comprehensive view of mind, body, and spirit into the recovery program.  This includes, recreational therapy, smoking cessation, and expressive arts.  The program uses a recovery and rehabilitation approach to addiction, as well as to the conditions that accompany, such as mood and thought disorders.  By utilizing evidence-based Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, individuals build the skills necessary to experience more constructive thoughts and behaviors that lead to recovery and an improved quality of life.  As family involvement is crucial to ongoing recovery, support and education for family members and significant others is encouraged.  Collaboration with referral sources and community providers provides specialized aftercare plans in order to ensure success in recovery.