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During your hospitalization, the more you know about routines and activities, the better you and your family can participate in decisions involving the management of your condition.  As you begin your journey to recovery, we are here to assist you with the resources that you may need to be successful.  At Generations Behavioral Health, we provide the highest quality of care developed from evidence-based practices.  Our commitment to compassion and integrity is an integral part of our plan of care.

What to Bring to the Hospital

We encourage our patients to be dressed in their own clothing once the admission process is complete and the patient’s physical condition allows for this.  We suggest simple, comfortable clothing, such as pull-on pants and tops or loose dresses; no hoodies.  Sturdy shoes that slip on or have Velcro fasteners are best for walking.  To lessen the chances of misplacing unused clothing, we recommend that you bring no more than three changes of clothing to the hospital.  A washer and dryer are available for use on the hospital unit.

Part of the admission procedure to our unit is to check all items brought to the hospital.  This is for the safety of all patients on the unit.  At that time, the staff will make a list of the patient’s belongings and make recommendations about items that should be locked away or sent home for safekeeping.  Any valuables should be left at home or sent home with a family member or friend, especially large amounts of cash, credit cards, and jewelry. The hospital is not responsible for things that you choose to keep with you.  Be sure that you mark all items that you bring with your name.  Do not bring in large quantities of items, since storage space for patients is very limited.  Dentures, retainers, hearing aids, or eyeglasses should be kept in protective containers.  At the time of discharge, all belongings are returned to you.

MP3 players, personal TVs, cell phones, laptops, electric fans, cameras, and other personal electronic devices are not permitted on the unit without the permission of the Treatment Team.

What to Expect during Your Stay

The Treatment Team

Generations Behavioral Health offers expert assessment and management of patients who are experiencing psychiatric disorders, possibly accompanied by medical and neurological difficulties. The primary members of the team of health care providers are Physicians (MD or DO), Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses, Behavioral Health Specialists, State Tested Nurse Aids, Rehabilitation Therapists, Socials Workers, Pharmacists, and Therapists.  It is important that you feel included in defining your treatment plan and take an active role in the therapeutic programming to promote wellness.  You will join the Team at different intervals in your stay in order to discuss your treatment and discharge plans. 

Activities and Therapies

Generations Behavioral Health is a “therapeutic environment.”  Activities and interactions in the hospital environment provide an opportunity for the staff to assess a patient’s comfort and functioning. View our daily schedule of structured activities.


Medications are dispensed from the hospital pharmacy.  If you have a unique medicine that is not available through the inpatient pharmacy, you may be asked to have a loved one bring your medication to the hospital in its original container for validation in our pharmacy and administration by a nurse.

Medications are ordered by your doctor and there may be times when your doctor may order extra medications for you to help manage the symptoms of your illness.  If you have any concerns about your medications or need additional information, the nursing staff will be able to assist you.


Mealtimes are an opportunity for some social contact with other patients, as well as an important aspect of your health and wellness.  The meal experience also helps to identify any difficulties a patient has with eating, appetite, or interactions.


The medical information that you provide, as well as that which we gather in the course of your treatment, is confidential.  Financial information is confidential, except as otherwise provided by law or third-party contract regulations.

All patients at Generations Behavioral Health are listed in the system as “Do Not Report.”  This means that the hospital switchboard operator does not have you listed as a patient.  The only individuals who will know that you are a patient will be those that you have told.  As part of our commitment to maintaining a safe and confidential environment, the doors to the unit are locked; this is for your safety and the safety of others.  You are also responsible for protecting the confidentiality of others, therefore anything learned about another patient during treatment times or through personal conversation is to be kept in the strictest confidence.


Generations Behavioral Health has a non-smoking environment.  For your safety, lighters, matches, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes are not permitted in the facility.  For your comfort, nicotine replacement will be provided with your physician’s approval.  Your nurse will discuss your desire to quit smoking during your stay.

Spiritual Care

We recognize the need for care of the body, mind, and spirit to assist in healing.  The staff are happy to contact your spiritual advisor, pastor, minister, priest, or rabbi, at your request.

Discharge Planning

You will work closely with your Treatment Team to determine the kinds of support that will be most helpful for your continued success.  You will receive assistance in making follow-up appointments for care along with arranging other supports.