Visitor Information


Patients at Generations Behavioral Health will be assigned a 4- digit pin number upon admission to distribute to friends and family members that they wish to speak to and visit with. If the pin number cannot be verified, visitors, calls and gifts will be intercepted by staff members.


  • General visiting hours are from 4:00pm – 7:00pm daily.
  • To avoid disruption of activities, groups and therapy sessions we encourage visitors to adhere to the posted hours.
  • Please note that you will need the patient’s pin number to receive an authorized visitors’ badge when signing in at the desk. Only visitors that have been given a pin number will be permitted in the hospital.
    • Upon arriving to the facility, you will be asked to sign a visitor log and wear a visitor’s badge. Leave cell phones and personal belongings outside the facility. This badge must be visible during the length of your stay. Upon exiting the building, you will sign the badge back in at the desk. Please note that you must have the patient assigned pin number in order to enter the hospital. No weapons are permitted on the Generations premises.

Gift Policy

All packages that are delivered or brought to the hospital will need to be accompanied by the patient’s pin number and will be searched for security and safety reasons. Items that are deemed unsafe will be refused. Check with the nursing staff for appropriateness, prior to bringing in belongings or sending gifts.


We encourage our patients to wear their own comfortable clothing, as they will be active during the day. Laundry facilities are available, but laundry may also be given to family members to be laundered and returned. Laundry bags will be inspected upon returning to the facility. Tags labeled with patient initials is highly encouraged. Items will be logged and assessed for appropriateness.