Visitor Information

To promote recovery, we encourage patients to involve their support system in their care.  Each patient admitted to this unit is assigned a personal identification number, or PIN. This is a three or four-digit number the staff will ask for each time a call or visit is requested. Family and friends are welcome to spend time with patients, if they agree to provide the “PIN” to each person.

Visiting hours are:

Adult Unit:

  • Saturday and Sunday – 2 pm to 4 pm

Geriatric Unit:

  • Sunday through Saturday– 4pm to 6pm

Please note the following important information about visitation:

  • Patients are not allowed visitors within the first 24 hours of admission.
  • Visitors will be asked to secure all belongings, including cell phones, keys, purses, and coats, in the visitor lockers provided in the reception/waiting area before entering the inpatient area. These self-serve lockers utilize a key that the visitor will hold during the visit and return when the visit is complete.
  • To ensure patient safety, all items, such as bags of clothing or personal belongings, must be given to the nurse or receptionist before it is made available to the patient.
  • Visitation takes place in the common areas of the units. No visitors are permitted in a patient’s room unless the patient is confined to bed and with permission of staff.
  • Clergy and lawyers may visit outside of the regular visiting hours.
  • The minimum recommended age for visitors is 18, unless special needs are discussed with your Treatment Team. Prior approval of the Treatment Team and an order from the psychiatrist must be obtained for visitors under 18 years of age to visit.
  • Each patient may have up to two visitors at a time.
  • Visitation privileges may be restricted by the Treatment Team with documented reason or by patient request.
  • Due to extenuating circumstances, the Treatment Team reserves the right to change visiting hours.
  • Discharged patients are restricted from visiting the unit for at least 30 days post discharge.

Patient Status Updates

The clinical staff want to make sure that one family member is kept abreast of the patient’s condition; however, please wait until after 11 am to call for patient updates, in order for the Treatment Team to be able to “round” on each patient and update the treatment plan.